The Faux Brauxs Episode 4: Just add 1 to 6 spoons of salt…..

March 21, 2017

Shiiiit, we took forever on this one sorry gang, by my count is over 6 weeks, bad us, we know. (Delightful) Spankings where handed out betwixt us.

So as per ususal we cover a small amount of bullshit about life and hobby. We also promptly cover the excellently run Faux-Roads that we attended in early Feb.

Followed by a relatively thorough bullshitting about the mind-blowing Twatifaux 2017 run by Mouse, it was swag-a-palooza!

Lastly we hit up our Topic-Thunders section, answering the imporant questions of the Malifaux Community ;) .

Hope you enjoy guys, gals and inbetweeners!!


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